Children's T-shirt 'Moana'

Available / Delivery 1-5 days

The stories of the beloved Moana who loves children very much, gave us the motivation to deal with the Walt Disney's heroine and to ''transfer'' her from the big screen to children's T-shirts.

  • Description

    • Material: 100% good quality combed cotton
  • Painted details

    Each t-shirt is hand-painted in unique designs with indelible colors, skin-friendly and environmentally friendly.

  • Whashing Instructions

    At the first wash, turn the shirt upside down and wash it by hand. Always make sure that the detergent is thoroughly dispersed before dipping the shirt to avoid unwanted stains. Use cold water without rubbing. Use plenty of water to rinse.

    For the next wash, turn the shirt upside down and wash in the washer at 30 °.